The National Team Evaluation Result

The National Football Team evaluation scorecard is provided based on the systematic implementation in the extent of time period  since 1920 to the present. Different to FIFA World Ranking and Elo Rating, it excludes the friendly matches as it is considered as none of significant part within the entire history of the game. 

As of continental ranking, the ranking within the continent is compulsorily locked. 

The performance score is calculated by the sum of SPR value (S X P X R)

S = Standard of Competition : It is determined based on the benchmark performance of upper group and descending to bottom level refer to 
P : Performance : It is primarily rated based on result of competition
R : Round : The finished round (For qualification match is given full five point)

Ptcp means the participation time based on actual model combined with assumed model. The assumed model is the expansion of participated teams in major final tournament to set a similar number of participants based on standard of team level at each era. It also include only the participation with qualified performance (at least 0.25)  
Std. Plus is an important minus factor to standardize participation amount within the model of comparison with similar amount of participation. In the existed case, the participation model between European and South American team is intersected with some adjustment of competition model. As some continental tournaments especially Copa America that has not been competed in qualification round, The performance in Copa America thus covers the qualifying part in proportion of multiplying standard value 0.75.

Expansion Coefficient : For Deficit Participation amount due to Era factor. As some of continental competition was started later than the others, it is considered that the pre-four continental competition era is less competitive. The proportional expansion to compensate the deficit amount is required in comparison table. The expansion scale is calculated from deficit amount of participation in comparison to European and South American standard as following formula : Standard Amount/Available Amount

The judging parameter is used in case the scores between the comparative couple is different within 1 %

1. The Same System of Competition

Primary : FIFA Confederation Cup, Secondary : Regional Competition, Third : World Cup

2. The Different System of Competition

*WC : In case the two teams have a score of World Cup and one of World Cup scores is twice times more than the less total score, that team is automatically rated higher. In case one of them has zero in World Cup score, it will be judge by comparison between difference of World Cup score and Total score
*Remark : In case of Asian and African team, the qualification performance is benchmark based on average of European-American standard of competition.

League of Ranking Rule : In case of 1 > 2 and 2 > 3 but 3 > 1, *WC factor is always the top of league 

The case of union-independent nations : The former USSR, Yugoslavia and Czechoslovakia performance is combined with the best performance of independent nation within the former union group. However, every model of union-independent nation (Yugoslavia-Croatia, USSR-Russia, etc) is also available in the continental list in MOV series. 

* For Continental Ranking, Please see in this link 

The Greatest Football Nations of All-Time

*Updated for the 2017 African Cup of Nations

The Ranking of Nations By Era

*Remark : Point cannot be compared across era directly due to different of participation model.

*The World club evaluation is scheduled to finish at the end of January 2017.


  1. Very good publication. For my taste (only my opinion) Brazil is No. 1, Hungary must be more and Belgium is very overrated, Gale and Northern Ireland should not be considered, Costa Rica is underestimated and is need Saudi Arabia and Democratic Republic of the Congo.

    1. It is a problem when Brazil did not take serious in South American championship and Copa America when they like to send B team. Hungary has not qualified for final tournament around two decades.

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  3. Anonymous6/13/2016

    Olympics had much greater significance than the first world championships. Instead you're adding some countries participation in the European Championships at which they did not qualify would be much more logical to you to calculate this first Olympics.

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